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    not sure if seducing or torturing the fanboy

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@hztttao: LH - TAO 

    @hztttao: LH - TAO 

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[Info] 140730 “140730 Tao’s Instagram” es tendencia global en SMTownEngSub

    [Info] 140730 “140730 Tao’s Instagram” es tendencia global en Twitter.

    cr: SMTownEngSub

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    Tao gets down to business with his harem

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    Suho mama sits down to hug and cheer for his injured bb Taozi~

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    140730 Tao liked two of Precious Tao Bar's post!

    These were two of the posts Tao liked. One being a group pre-order for the tickets of TLP in Beijing (their last stop) organized by 11 Tao fansites and another one about their new fan support item for Tao and recruiting HLs for their fan support for EXO’s Beijing stop in general. The new fan support item is a pair of cat ears hairband that even glows in blue!

    Tao always has the habit of searching for his fans in the crowd, so a strong fan support really means a lot to him ㅠ_ㅠ He really appreciates every support he gets, even when there’s only one fan carrying his fan board in the crowd, he’ll be smiling all the way ㅠㅠ So, please if any Tao stans you know that are going to their concert in Beijing, please direct them to Precious Tao Bar’s weibo and PM them for more info!

    For any Tao stans attending their concert in the near future, please keep a look around for any local fanbase that are giving out Tao banners! Most Chinese Tao fansites will be giving out Tao banners or support items too, so do look around the venue for them~ Sometimes, they’ll even post on their Weibo or Twitter about where they’ll be giving out banners. And please don’t forget to raise them up during the actual concert ㅠㅠ It might be a hassle but it really doesn’t take much energy ; ^ ;

    The boy loves the sea so much, let's give him a sea~

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    ChanTao moment♥︎

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    poor baby taozi couldn’t run away from the confetti machine due to his injured feet and jun mama to the rescue

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