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    although you’re sick, you still look so damn fine ;;

    be well soon!!

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    (preview) 140419 tao during overdose @ cctv global chinese music

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    D-13 till 黄子韬’s birthday

    Reasons to love him; His aegyo

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    Tao was sick tonight ;~;

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    [EXO-M 140419] During Tao’s interview, the MC touched Tao’s forehead and commented that he was really burning up and asked if he was okay to perform. Tao said: ‘I’m actually feeling okay. I think that being on stage, all the pain goes away and this is my job so i feel very lucky to be standing on this stage today.” x x

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    So this is it…this is how some people in the EXO fandom define “love”. Screaming “we are One” and “We love EXO” at any given opportunity but look at our actions, look at our behaviours!

    Pushing the cameras into our idol’s faces. Calling them rude und unfriendly because they put on earphones and glasses at the airport. Groping and kissing because you think you have the goddamn right to. Hitting their faces with the cameras. Pushing til they fall down and make them cry because some of the members just can’t take this any longer.

    These are just some of the few and now let me ask you this: Are these actions any different than sasaeng behaviours?

    We all adore them but love is NOT about obsession, not about madness. It is about understanding, about supporting but also about SPACE! We idolize them as gods but in the end of the day they are just human beings. Boys in their 20’s with human needs and feelings.

    So please…just stop this madness, give them some space to breath, too!!!
    [video source]

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